Latest film work

The latest film project is hitting theaters and festivals across the nation! “Frontier”, by Writer/ Director, Stephen Parkhurst, is a short Sci-Fi Thriller that was shot in Maine and NYC. It was recently featured in the Boston Sci-Fi Festival. I proudly worked as the Dialogue Recordist, did the Sound Design and some Foley work as well.

So excited to be working on the sound design and mix for a short film called “The Hunters” by Kasey Crespo.

If you missed the Indie film “Roommate Wanted” by Stephen Parkhurst, click here to see it. I had the opportunity to compose the score and do some sound design for it. IMDb page

‘Shine’ Remix for Minnie Dee uploaded to Soundcloud

Feel free to check out the remix of ‘Shine’ for Minnie Dee here. Enjoy!

Voice-Over Demo Reel Production

Remix/ Production project

Very excited to be working with and remixing a few songs off of Time to Shine by the very talented and unique artist Minnie Dee! Check out her full length album here!